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Our Horses
Lot-Sa-Fun Fiesta's Tap Dancer - 2001 National Top Ten AMHR Champion
CHF Foxey Lady - For Sale
MHR's Twinkle Toes
Pal O Mine Two Socks
RC's I'ma First
Houck's Hemlock Brooks Angel
Sligo Acres Roni - For Sale
Millbrooks Foxy Gem

2002 Foals
LRR's Cinnamon Swirl - Filly
LRR's Blaze of Glory - Colt -  For Sale

Stallions and Gelding
Houck's Dell Tinkers Halfpint Mo
Spragues Orion Royale Max - For Sale
Little Spunky Dude

Other Critters
Abby the Miniature Donkey
Beaner the weiner dog